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Billing - how it works

Let's use an example where you've just signed up for a ‘2 sessions per week’ plan.

This is what happens next…


You will be billed for 2 sessions on the day you buy the plan


Two ‘session credits’ will instantly appear on your website profile in the My Subscriptions section.



You will spend those credits to book sessions by going to the booking page (and scrolling down to your session type) .


You will be automatically re-billed for 2 sessions on the same day each week until you cancel.


Each time you get billed for 2 sessions, 2 more credits will appear your My Subscriptions page. And you will spend them to book 2 more sessions.

Please note the folowing:



You can check your remaining (unspent) credits in your My Subscriptions page.

And you can check times and dates of sessions you have already booked, in your My Bookings page


We cannot refund or return credits once they are used to make a booking. The sessions you booked with them however can be rescheduled or cancelled (see cancellation policy when booking).


Any credits you haven't spent from your recurring plan will expire on your next billing date, and this is non-refundable. 


It is very easy to prevent them from expiring - simply use them to book something before the next billing date, regardless of what date you book them for.


Let's say this week you pay your bill and see 2 credits arrive on your account but then discover you can’t train this week, just use those credits to book for next week.

When you get billed next week, you can use those credits to book for the following week, and so on.

This way you will always be booking ahead instead of waiting until the week in question. 

This is a good way to book in advance to ensure you get the times you want, which i thoroughly recommend.

Another way to book further in advance is to buy some extra (non-recurring) sessions from the Pricing Plans page.


Non-recurring sessions come in bundles of 10,5,2 and 1.

They are a once off purchase ie no recurring bill, and they do not expire



If you need to pause payments eg during a holiday, it is better to email your coach (or click here) to pause payments.

If you ever need to cancel we will of course be sad to see you go 😢

Cancelling a recurring plan will also cancel all the credits you hold on that plan.

So you should use those credits to book sessions before you hit the big red cancel button.


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