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My name is Keith Grainger and I am the owner of Custom Fitness.

I began lifting originally for injury recovery.

Starting to lift weights coincided with a difficult time in my life, and I found that overcoming challenges in the gym helped me overcome challenges in life outside the gym.


I had long held a goal to help as many people as possible to be happier in themselves, but I didn’t know what form that would take.

When I studied personal training I began to see the ripple effect that good coaching could have on someone's whole life and I knew this was the vehicle for me to achieve my goal.

Since then I have coached all kinds of clients to many different goals including fat loss, strength gain, muscle gain, rehab, general physical/mental health and more. See the testimonials page to read what people are saying.



My name is Jack Ryan and I am a personal trainer with Custom Fitness.


My journey in fitness began when I sustained a serious injury. I was forced to work completely from scratch at something I had experience in. From that grew a love of movement and strength.


My training is vital to me. It is vital for my physical and mental health. It forms a part of me that allows me to be the best version of myself.


The few hours a week we spend exercising has a positive impact on our whole life. For me, I am a better partner, colleague, friend, brother and son when I set aside the time for myself to train every week. It is not selfish to make time for yourself, it will enhance your whole life.


Over the past five years I have coached hundreds of people both in person and online. In that time, I have seen people literally change before my eyes. Not just physically, but as people. They become better business owners, better friends, better partners and most importantly, they show up for themselves every week no matter what. They became a better version of themselves.


That is the real transformation.

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