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Keith wants you to achieve more than you do. I came to him with a fusion in my neck and a lot of other back problems like sciatica having had 12 procedures on my spine.
Keith listened to me and he spent time and a lot of effort getting to know me and how my body works so that we could train and achieve. He looks at the whole picture; from how you train to how your body reacts to the different exercises and tailors everything to suit you. He has gone above what I ever thought possible of a trainer! His methods have me lifting heavier than ever and training harder and longer than ever. His knowledge about the body as a whole, patience (so many texts and emails) and will for you to get to your goals are rare in a trainer and he is one of the main reasons I am now a year without a procedure or on pain patches.
If you want someone who can get the best results, motivate and really care about your training journey, then Keith is the trainer you need!!!

Peter Gray (I.T.)

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