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Consistency is NOT key.

Keys open locks. Locks are all or nothing. Exercise is not.

The reason I have moved away from the phrase ‘consistency is key’ is the imagery:

Keys open locks

ie it is either

-locked or unlocked.

A binary option. All or nothing.

In exercise that would translate to

-max progress or no progress

ie ‘anything short of consistency is useless’.

For someone wanting to improve their fitness, health or body composition, I prefer to make the point that:

every bit that you do, you are the better for.

(up to a point of diminishing returns, and a further point of 'less is more' which most people won't run the risk of encountering).

‘2 steps forward 1 step back’ is still

1 solid step in the right direction.

If you wait for consistency before starting something you’re missing out on all those ‘steps in the right direction’

Best just to get started any way you can.

This is a clip taken from a video to a friend who has a hectic and unpredictable schedule that was holding him back from starting an exercise plan.

Please excuse the dodgy production quality.

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