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Haven’t achieved your goals yet? This is likely the reason.

A few days ago I was on a discovery call with a new client.

I was asking all about his history, his goal, and his motivation for chasing that goal.

When I asked him

“why don’t you do this on your own, without me?”

He said he knew he needed to be able to trust the process

So he wanted a coach he could believe in (shameless brag 😜).

But he’s dead right….

About trusting the process

If you can’t trust the process, it’s gonna be very hard for you to put in enough effort.

Wouldn’t it be much harder to turn up to work if you didn’t know exactly how much you would get paid, or when?

So if you’re unsure whether

…your training or nutrition is gonna lead to the results you want

…whether your going to know how to maintain any results you get

Its gonna be very hard to put in enough work to achieve those results

To fix that:

-get a solid education in training and nutrition


-get a coach

-be totally open and honest with that coach from the start and all the way through.

And you’ll get where you’re going guaranteed.

If you had been considering working with me nd need help trusting the process, you can click here to see reviews, or see photos below.

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