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Your dream physique VS your ideal weight

So maybe you're in your 30s / 40s and starting to get a bit of a belly. No time to cook/eat properly, eating at deli counters and takeaways. You don't have time to train like you used to or maybe not at all.

And it's affecting your confidence, your happiness, your dating game, or your ability to keep up with the kids.

Now you see a before and after photo of someone who used to be in your position and now he has a six pack and he's ripped to death

By all means make that your main goal. Get a great photograph. Prove to yourself that you could do it.

But then set your sights on goal B.

That could be something like moving back up in weight just a couple of pounds

Enough to allow you to enjoy your life and still have a great physique and be fit and strong

People always ask me “hey I’m this height and that age what is my ideal weight?”

And the answer is always

… your ideal weight is the weight where you can enjoy YOUR preferred balance of fitness and living life.

Now, I can whip you into photo shoot shape quite easily. But as every client who ahas done that with me knows; it's the bit that comes after that counts.

HOW we maintain. And HOW MUCH do we want to maintain.


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