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But what happens AFTER you achieve your goal?

People train for many reasons...

I got the below email from online client Niall, who had a Primary Goal of fat loss and strength.

And against all odds (life, work, the stuff we all deal with), he smashed those goals.

He has since achieved some sweet Secondary Goals.

And is enjoying those benefits of his training. As you can see in his email above.

Whether your Primary Goal is…

-fat loss

-muscle gain


(All of which are valid if they are valuable to you.)

…keep an eye on the bigger picture too.

That is - your “Secondary Goal”

ie what you want LONG term.

This will be for phase 2 of your fitness journey.

Before I take on a new client I always ask their Primary Goal and Secondary Goal.

Because, once you achieve your primary goal the motivation to train / eat well is now much less

…because you've already gotten what you want.

Making training and results sustainable is all about having that secondary goal to follow up with in phase 2.

Have you ever achieved great fitness results only to lose all progress ?

This is one of the reasons - You had no Secondary Goal.

You can’t stay at the peak, but you had nowhere else to go.

Usually training for that secondary goal will be enough to keep you at about:

🔘90% of any weight lost

🔘100% or more of strength gained

My current Secondary Goals are

-be a more capable human

-engage more with nature

-have more/healthier options for passtimes / socialising

Comment below to tell me your Primary and Secondary goals.

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Still working towards primary goals, but making really good progress. Secondary goals are clear though - maintaining weight, fitness and strength to see me into active years for approaching and beyond retirement.

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Keith Grainger
Keith Grainger
29 jun 2022
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I love this Gerry! It's so important to look after our future self. And the peace of mind that comes from knowing things are only getting better 👍

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