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The Value of Selective Hard Work

Below you'll see online client Martin demonstrating exactly that with this (excellent) Back Lever.

Martin came to me with a goal of being the best version of himself by his upcoming 50th birthday.

(I know, I know, the chap looks 30, but we are actually in the final year of that timeline)

Martin had been training for many years before we started working together.

Training hard. Very hard!

And had been making every effort with nutrition (keto, fasting etc)

But, while he had gained some strength he knew he had struggled to get past a certain point.

Training hard every day and being strict on nutrition was not moving the needle at all.

So the first thing we did was remove all the unnecessary effort he had been putting into his training and nutrition.

…Everything that I knew wasn't moving the needle.

Martin has been training with me now for nearly 2 years and has made consistent progress every single week, despite all the usual stuff that life throws at a person.

The reason for that is that we have no unnecessary fluff in our effort system.

Don't get me wrong…

Martin is very dedicated and disciplined.

So his gains are NOT typical.

But acheiving 90% of his success IS typical of so many people who come to me making too much effort in the wrong areas.

If you’re stuck, making little to no progress, hit the link below to hop on a call with me and I’ll see if I can help you.

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