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Train harder, or smarter?

There is a right time for both...

If your diet / training plan is working perfect for you right now. Know that eventually it won’t.

-you’ll have a busy week/month.

-you’ll have a higher stress period of time.

-or something

When that happens you need to know whether to

-try harder


-try smarter (ie go to plan B)

You need to have a Plan B.

Or have a coach who can always pivot your plans for you when your life temporarily doesn’t fit your plans.

If you hit that “square peg, round hole” situation, and your life’s stress / time bucket is full…

you are in Plan B territory.

But if you’re honest with yourself (or have a coach who’ll keep you honest and accountable), you’ll know when you just need to try harder.

And when that is the case - try harder is always the simplest solution - and simple plans works best.

If you need help making plans to get lean / strong, hit the button below today for a free consultation.

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