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When To "Break" Your Diet

You need to know when to take strategic diet breaks...

Had a nice run of 6-8 week successful dieting?

Maybe take a diet break !

Having an awful day?

With bad news, or just mad busy and stressed

Maybe take a diet break !

Having a bad day with your depression / anxiety?

Maybe take a diet break !

There’s no problem taking a day off your diet.

And more importantly, it doesn’t mean

-calories don’t count that day

-go YOLO

-stay off it til next Monday

If allowing a few extra calories has a significant benefit to your day, go for it, because it won’t have a significant down side.

But be real with yourself…

If you are having a ‘super stressful day’ most days - you may need to look at finding non-calorie ways to de-stress.

If the diet is too much to handle most of the time, you ned to look at…

-is the diet way too restrictive

-is this just not a good phase of your life to be dieting in

…and maybe come back to this when you’re in a better place

It’s not any one day that’s going to make or break your diet, but the average of all your days over time

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